The Early Days:

Around 400 BC, Celtic people arrived from Western Europe and settled in the eastern Alps. During the second century BC, a Celtic state called Noricum was developed around this region’s ironworks. Noricum stretched from eastern Tyrol to the Danube and eastern fringes of the Alps in Carinthia. From about the seventh century BC onwards, one of the main regions of this state was found in what was to become modern Austria, near Hallstatt.

In 15 BC, the Romans crossed the Alps and settled south of the Danube, carving up the region into separate administrative areas. These areas were Carnuntum, Vindobona (blueprint of Vienna), Brigantium (now Bregenz), Juvavum (Salzburg), Flavia Solva, Aguntum and Virunum.

After the Western Empire collapsed in the 5th century, the area was taken by new tribes: the Germanic Alemanni in Vorarlberg; Slavs in Carinthia and Styria; Bavarians in Upper and Lower Austria, Tyrol and around Salzburg. The Bavarians were the most successful and, by the 7th century, controlled most of the Austrian territories, creating a larger German speaking territory.

All of this, my friends, is where Roderich started.

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